Achintya Labs – A 365 Days old Dream of a Man and a team


What exactly this term means?

I’ve asked my self this question all my life. I struggled finding exact meaning until a day when a dramatic 180 Degree change came to my life. That was the day, a day when an idea was born. The idea might have struggled over years to finally sprung into my mind but at last I got answer for what we call as a dream.

You call it Dream, I call it Achintya. 

Achintya – “Beyond Understanding, inconceivable”, this inspirational word was the 180 Degree change of my life and hence Achintya Labs was born.

Achintya Labs, a dream, a vision, a mission, a heart, a soul, a venture of a sole man was deep rooted 365 Days Ago. The little plant (Achintya Labs) started its journey with a single blossom on its steam but now is flourishing more and more blossoms with beautiful flowers and fruits each day.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.

I started my journey in establishing Achintya Labs solely with a vision in my eye and mission on my mind. Today my expedition is being joined and supported by a team of 07 great young Passionate minds.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins Championship – Michael Jordan

Day 1 to Day Many are never easy for any new born company and so was our story. We took small – small towards excellence, quality and trust. After all, “Small is the New Big”. Isn’t it?

Days by Days passed, and we made our places in hearts of our Clients by turning their dreams into reality. We have been a technology backbone and technology partner for:, , Shivam Corporation , Innovious Engineering ,, and many more.

We are serving in service and product sectors like Manufacturing, Real-estate, Retail & Wholeselling, E-Commerce Platform Development, Logistics and developing ideas into Products.

In a year we have completed more than 18+ Projects, adding glory to our journey.

Today, is the first Birthday of my Dream “Achintya Labs”, so being an Entrepreneur I must look back at the numbers of Revenue we made so far, Isn’t it? Of course we must look back at the numbers but I don’t believe in looking back at the profits and revenues we made, Today am grateful looking at the number of Hearts and people we won in a Year. Looking back to my client testimonials gives me satisfaction to the feel that we are getting closer to our goals day by day.

We love it when our clients call us: Supportive, terrific, Top Developers, Creativity Lovers, Tremendous Enthusiastic Team etc. These are not just titles, this is real wealth Achintya Labs have earned in a Year. So far we have helped many minds getting their ideas turned into reality and each time we deliver something to our clients each moment, each second, each day we are getting motivated toward excellence.

Achintya Labs stands for: Innovation, quality, trust, support, creativity by all its heart and soul and aims to step many great and big steps in future.


Why Startup Needs to Invest in Security ?

The reasons and resources responsible for the security of the institutions’ property and works are to be equipped with a sort of manner, which truly is reliable and is designed to guarantee that an obligation will be met with a least possible rate of failure.

To secure is to hide the data from those who urge no more than to weaken your progress and prevent them from modifying it as well. And that can only be achieved by giving a healthy elasticity to the approach you work and the manner you do follow to accomplish your tasks; a change for the better, progress in development.

Turning your valves up advanced is to be ahead of time or need and contributing to the progress of the development further. But a pure and seamless forward motion can be only achieved with no a single issue forestalls your way and makes it more difficult for you to get to the mark with the way you did desire it to be.

Security Becomes a Convenience Factor

-Tom Vaughan

When it has a thing to do with the security, the problem is meant to be kept from happening or arising: to be prevented. Not letting issues grow at a very initial stage of expansion, or even not letting it happen either is to be measured at the beginning of the program. Foreclosing the occurrence of a condition or state of affairs almost beyond one’s ability to deal with and requiring great efforts to bear or overcome it, is to warrant the security; to deal with the information in a safe course of action.

Suppose, you have been working over your resources with a purified sort of dedication, pouring your abilities into it, you never want the incomplete or an almost completed task of yours which is taken by a threatened or attacked over your important data by someone who can do major harm if not stopped. Questions are all raised at once with things slipping off your hands. We have got to be truly selective with what we choose to prevent our assemblage from unauthorized access by intruders to it.

Taking various steps as in securing that what your database contains is to be encrypted, with a confusing stretch in your decryption standards that leads up to a hassle for those who will harm it. Hashing (a type of encryption) the passwords that are stored will make it more disturbing to sort for those trying it with wrong intentions. Online transmissions along well-ciphered mechanisms will result in a safe exchange and a securely enveloped transaction.

So, interpret over the state of being free from harm to your personal growth. And trust over what is tested and proved to be reliable.

Written by : Prajpati Vidhi – Team Achintya


Experience of Things – A Rising Arena

Dependency over that what does keep evolving, technology. With that every new device been getting an invent, for that single application developed for the work to be done with no human effort and that too along a convenient outcome, machine dependent do we turn into.

Rapid growth out of machine development making things possible has its own side of negative, besides that the whole lot of positive aura too. Just that what human brain supposed to, is to not harm or stand against the law nature does have admired. So making the good out of that we develop, we make a future then. A future, this appropriate.

Seeing for yourself: As we all do live a life, more formal than precious, we often do fail or even running out of deadlines. Essential things to be taken care of for one’s well being are often ignored. Noting it down for the least of basic house holding too seems irritating at times. In a need of one to look out things, in a need of one to hold them all, try implementing that what we already do have sorted and assured. By using those equipments to achieve automatic control or operation. Condition the environment for being self controlled. Usually by involving electronic hard wares. That even helps you interact directly to the appliances or even machineries. Just a message passed can have your things regulated or maintained of a function or action.

For example, making of a refrigerator that smartly handles the food stored within and with the decreasing quantity, it informs the user connected to it via internet regarding the alert. Or even with hospitalization or nursing, to the person who requires medical care is been kept under an eye of appliances that directly does inform the staff if any noticeable remark with the condition of the belonging patient.

It’s Just A Sensation : Better the interaction, more does the user feel engaged and halted along. To engage is to attract or delight. So the content is supposed to have the power to arouse the interest out of the one who uses or views. It should be pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm, and working as efficient as expected. Even able to attract interest or draw favorable attention out of this rush of advertisements. A more out of attention-getting it is to be tried making. Just a sensation, that appeals. And gets the user engaged.

Decade Of Risk : Attempting a thing always do come up with an outcome. Ignoring that how probable the failure might be, risk is what we all do play with. Technology has been putting us all under a progressive conditioning of to try and fetch, else fail. And with a single implementation resulting into a failure, a new opinion is raised. Plenty of beliefs or sentiments are shared. Many vague ideas with a lot of confidence are been placed as per the basis of an approximate calculation worth the loss of failure. But till no effort been put with a blind eye, you do move nowhere. This truly is going to be the decade of risk. Ten years of both, progress and destruction if not ignored.


Interactive Content is the Heart of Your Cool SEO Strategy..

Have you ever tried reading a pro-longed content? The answer will be always “No”. There are a lot of people who are really Not a Fan of words and so am I .The jejune piece of words do not stand a classical value. For human beings it is very obvious to understand and visualize a picture depicting a brand and its identity but Google will never understand unless you make google know about your brand via quality words. Google‘s mantra is quite simple and sober “Please me by Relevant Content not scraps”.

Content is the new monarchy and interactive content is the New king. Today when the world is heading towards mobility and digitization the need of getting seen and clicked is where google will consider you.

Fame and name doesn’t comes at door step it has to curate with hard work and world class superiority

The battlefield in content marketing is a great way where the prospect has to be emotionally, smartly, and personally handled. People often write scraps and buzz off their heads in struggling with Google’s ranking. The core of having a good piece of work must be like a Yeoman where the seeds has to be carefully dug up and the harvest has to be carefully sold.

The bigger picture is effective content marketing costs 65% less than the traditional marketing and generates 4X leads. I personally believe the parabola of profits and business will rise up if you will get known. The internet is most powerful friend you can ever have. Most of the business owners and entrepreneurs invest their time in the work which will capture their eyes in the first two seconds. No matter how long your content is or how impetuous it is if you fail in the start you can’t have a good end. The size and shape can be any but the meaning has to be powerful.

Thus, Interactive content has the tendency to empower your business. Never forget your brand is your story and the content is your story teller.

The powerful the story, the massive will be your Brand

Social Media An influenetial arena

Social Media – An influential arena for corporates

Internet is a smart platform and Social Media is proving out to be a smarter element in the new era of marketing. Have you been thinking Social Media as Something that “the kids” were using that businesses could never really benefit from ? Then your skeptics are going to be proven wrong. Entrepreneurs might be rolling their heads in thinking overnight that “What’s the value of social media for my company?” In this world of digitization Social Media Marketing is not optional now.

You must ’ve fallen asleep trying to calculate the ROI from social media marketing efforts.

Regardless of your position or your brand, everyone reading this should have one big thing in common: “Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself”. Social Media can be your best buddy to raise your company’s exposure.

The big buzz right now is our most used and Mr.Zuckerberg’s invention “FACEBOOK”.Facebook has nearly 900 million monthly and 526 million daily active users.That’s why online marketers can’t ignore the potential that the social networking giant can give to businesses. In fact, more and more brands are creating their Facebook fan page to build an online presence across the Web. People across the globe are getting attracted by the beauty of social media. Social networks are now so well established, that there are now a core ‘top 5’ social networks which doesn’t change much from year-to-year.

According to a Survey, Americans spend 37 Minutes a day on social media which can ultimately attract more and more Entrepreneurs get known about your business. It is a proven fact that Americans believes in outsourcing for better profits. Comparatively , Indians are likely to spend 45 Minutes a day on social media. Showing people what your brand’s personality and what you stand for is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience.

The world is changing and so is the face of advertising but many business owners thinks Social media is critical .According to 80% business owners it is the new era fascinating the world of digital growth. 90% of Marketers believes in the strength of social media and thinks it to be critical for growing their interest and a one touch way to reach the potential customers.Generating social media traffic is not as easy as generating traffic over cross roads or at any local lane it’s far tricky but amazing.

The benefits that are inside the nutshell of Social Media Marketing are enormous such as it is the best platform to recollect what your customers actually think about you.When your customers loves to make a buzz about you let them tell a story and be it the talk of m-town (The town of Social Media).When you want to be in the talks of your customers make them feel not just attained but treated and that’s where social media can help you out.You can engage them by offering great offer sales and contest and not just let them win the game but make them win your heart too.

Take your business to social world, with less investment and get more results with great returns and rewards.We are all set to rock you in the m-town(The town of Social Media).

We are your team in social media marketing

Leave this part to us: Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblur,Blog, Linkedin.

Our mission is vision is “Work until you don’t have to introduce yourself” and that’s where we wish to see our customers and want to be seen as well.

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Design Trends

Top Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2k17

Our design team has done one survey with the community of designer and get opinions from everyone and based on those data derived some equations for the design trends for 2k17.

  • Louder & Brighter Color: There will be a shift away from muted and neural colors like white, gray and black to bolder and brighter colors.
  • Bold Typography: Strong typography and daring mixed font combinations will fight against the ever dwindling attention span of readers and situation of contents.
  • Universal Fonts Server: Google fonts are universal across multiple platforms & majority of them are free to use with great response speed.
  • Authentic Photos: The explosion of content has created a need for authentic, original images that represent your brand, instead of generic graphics stock.
  • Hand drawn Graphics & icons: Brand will be embrace illustrations as they look to add the elements of fun back into design and make their product more accessible.
  • Minimalism get back to its roots: the true spirit of minimalism has been lost and instead replaced with boring black and white color scheme and little adornment. But in 2017 color and flare is back!
  • Useful GIFs: Gifs are the perfect little content helper that express emotions when text won’t do the trick.
  • Vibrant Duo tons: This bold use of contrasting colors in duo tons will make images pop on the neutrals backgrounds of social media sites and blogs.