It’s been 2 Years since we have started (We are Two years Old – today)

13th April – The Day, holding a very special place in my heart.

Today, I Mr. Sagar Goswami wanted to disclose some facts and the total establishment procedure of the Achintya Labs… I want to take you on the ride of the Achintya labs,  Kindly hold the seat and buckle up to go and enjoy the past journey!!!

A Day which has been a life-changing moment of my life. It transformed my way of thinking,  decision making and the way of dealing with PP (Problems + People).

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

I have left the job & started another huge and very adventurous job called “Technopreneurship”.

Two years ago, I made a decision to live the dream, I have nourished all my Life. I founded a venture (Brainchild) called “Achintya Labs”, where we utilize the power of technology to turn the vision of our Clients into reality.

Starting my own Startup has been a bigger dream of mine when I have been a Naïve, almost putting my first step into the Space of Technology after my graduation. Because I believe in Mr. Kalam’s words… Well said …

Dreams are the things which will not allow you to sleep.”

Even, today while I am living my dream of developing my own venture, it is constantly inspiring and motivating me towards the hard work, excellence, and stability of the business.

The journey from the Start…

Initially, I felt like a mom who had her a newborn child for whom she cares for each and every small stuff like atmosphere and surroundings, etc. Because the initial state of any venture is like a newborn baby where you need to take care of each and every breath of it.

The journey of two years has been very joyful and adventurous. We have seen late night office hours, early morning code and coffee sessions, Businessmen turning Entrepreneurs, tedious workload to success parties, Appraisal to the downfall and ask me what not. This has been a roller coaster ride for me where every minute I have learned – unlearnt, grown – fall, believed – doubted, won-loss, depressed – motivated. All chunks of mixed feelings you know.

Last year, we had a wonderful time with some impactful and challenging projects from industries like manufacturing, healthcare, Education & Real-estate. In the last year, we have worked for almost 28+ new clients & continue very impactful relations with our old clients. My team has been wonderful with the Technical support to all my clients and has strongly followed the procedures and policies we have built for the better future and automation of work. We are now known for our capabilities,

Caliber, and potential. In our home city itself, we have now 10+ premium clients for whom we are providing the complete backbone for technology services & support.

In terms of innovation, we have developed one very good product for manufacturing unit digitalization. We have developed a best in class solution to the city’s reputed manufacturing industry named “Aniraj Casting Industry”, who are importing and exporting across the country for some specific machinery tools. We have designed a complete paperless solution for them where they can manage the whole process flow of their production cycle and also track the order and order status. Currently, they are suing the same for their industrial automation.

Also, we are working on the emerging data-mining and data-analysis based product which is under development. We called it “A.CRM” which contains a bridge between the website and another lead source to our product. Our product basically tracks all the inquiries and lead details and based on those leads our app suggests some good statistical analysis which helps our customer to grow and work efficiently. Currently we are focusing on CRM basics but later on, we will also introduce some latest features like automated decision making, an auto proposal for business strategy and more.

Great Journeys are never easy

In these two years, I have passed through some worst experiences related to payment and commitments. We have faced the same issues in B2B & B2C. So, since January 2019 we have updated our terms and condition & we have focused more on documentation and policy-making building stronger policies. Yeah, we feel some downtime in business due to lack of new policies and rules but we can see a very good future and operational change in our working tactics and methodology but we are very much sure that these standard operation procedure helps us to grow our business and our selves.

For the upcoming year, we are mainly focusing on infrastructure development and structured procedures for efficient project management and seamless customer support.

Our team has been successful in winning wonderful certification in domains like travel, WordPress, UI/UX designs & SEO. We do productive discussions and knowledge sharing presentations periodically to enhance the knowledge and presentation skills in our team, to the next level. We are fuelling ourselves enough to overcome the hurdles in this long missioned journey.

At last, we have also performed some “Corporate Social Responsibilities”. As a part of CSR, we have worked upon educate children of primary about the computer and knowledge of computer. Our team members are also featuring as mentor and judge in some technical events in various Engineering colleges and they have conducted meaningful sessions with students about the current development trends and the emerging field of IT. Recently in the starting of summer, our team has made a survey for trees in 5km radius area of our office premises and based on this survey our team has provided pots of water for the birds. They have attached those pots with trees and also connected surrounded people to take care of these pots and timely to add and renew water so that many birds can overcome their thirst during very hot summer.

For the upcoming year, our action plan is to develop in-house products for corporate B2B Business & technology, increasing our team and curating ourselves to the level next. We are here on the ground zero chasing our goals and dreams to fulfill our roadmaps.

I have always believed passion to be the key to success. If you are passionate enough to follow your dreams – hard work, obedience, success, Failures, fame, ups, downs, etc. are just the parameters coming along in your path.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams – Donovan Bailey