It’s been 2 Years since we have started (We are Two years Old – today)

13th April – The Day, holding a very special place in my heart.

Today, I Mr. Sagar Goswami wanted to disclose some facts and the total establishment procedure of the Achintya Labs… I want to take you on the ride of the Achintya labs,  Kindly hold the seat and buckle up to go and enjoy the past journey!!!

A Day which has been a life-changing moment of my life. It transformed my way of thinking,  decision making and the way of dealing with PP (Problems + People).

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

I have left the job & started another huge and very adventurous job called “Technopreneurship”.

Two years ago, I made a decision to live the dream, I have nourished all my Life. I founded a venture (Brainchild) called “Achintya Labs”, where we utilize the power of technology to turn the vision of our Clients into reality.

Starting my own Startup has been a bigger dream of mine when I have been a Naïve, almost putting my first step into the Space of Technology after my graduation. Because I believe in Mr. Kalam’s words… Well said …

Dreams are the things which will not allow you to sleep.”

Even, today while I am living my dream of developing my own venture, it is constantly inspiring and motivating me towards the hard work, excellence, and stability of the business.

The journey from the Start…

Initially, I felt like a mom who had her a newborn child for whom she cares for each and every small stuff like atmosphere and surroundings, etc. Because the initial state of any venture is like a newborn baby where you need to take care of each and every breath of it.

The journey of two years has been very joyful and adventurous. We have seen late night office hours, early morning code and coffee sessions, Businessmen turning Entrepreneurs, tedious workload to success parties, Appraisal to the downfall and ask me what not. This has been a roller coaster ride for me where every minute I have learned – unlearnt, grown – fall, believed – doubted, won-loss, depressed – motivated. All chunks of mixed feelings you know.

Last year, we had a wonderful time with some impactful and challenging projects from industries like manufacturing, healthcare, Education & Real-estate. In the last year, we have worked for almost 28+ new clients & continue very impactful relations with our old clients. My team has been wonderful with the Technical support to all my clients and has strongly followed the procedures and policies we have built for the better future and automation of work. We are now known for our capabilities,

Caliber, and potential. In our home city itself, we have now 10+ premium clients for whom we are providing the complete backbone for technology services & support.

In terms of innovation, we have developed one very good product for manufacturing unit digitalization. We have developed a best in class solution to the city’s reputed manufacturing industry named “Aniraj Casting Industry”, who are importing and exporting across the country for some specific machinery tools. We have designed a complete paperless solution for them where they can manage the whole process flow of their production cycle and also track the order and order status. Currently, they are suing the same for their industrial automation.

Also, we are working on the emerging data-mining and data-analysis based product which is under development. We called it “A.CRM” which contains a bridge between the website and another lead source to our product. Our product basically tracks all the inquiries and lead details and based on those leads our app suggests some good statistical analysis which helps our customer to grow and work efficiently. Currently we are focusing on CRM basics but later on, we will also introduce some latest features like automated decision making, an auto proposal for business strategy and more.

Great Journeys are never easy

In these two years, I have passed through some worst experiences related to payment and commitments. We have faced the same issues in B2B & B2C. So, since January 2019 we have updated our terms and condition & we have focused more on documentation and policy-making building stronger policies. Yeah, we feel some downtime in business due to lack of new policies and rules but we can see a very good future and operational change in our working tactics and methodology but we are very much sure that these standard operation procedure helps us to grow our business and our selves.

For the upcoming year, we are mainly focusing on infrastructure development and structured procedures for efficient project management and seamless customer support.

Our team has been successful in winning wonderful certification in domains like travel, WordPress, UI/UX designs & SEO. We do productive discussions and knowledge sharing presentations periodically to enhance the knowledge and presentation skills in our team, to the next level. We are fuelling ourselves enough to overcome the hurdles in this long missioned journey.

At last, we have also performed some “Corporate Social Responsibilities”. As a part of CSR, we have worked upon educate children of primary about the computer and knowledge of computer. Our team members are also featuring as mentor and judge in some technical events in various Engineering colleges and they have conducted meaningful sessions with students about the current development trends and the emerging field of IT. Recently in the starting of summer, our team has made a survey for trees in 5km radius area of our office premises and based on this survey our team has provided pots of water for the birds. They have attached those pots with trees and also connected surrounded people to take care of these pots and timely to add and renew water so that many birds can overcome their thirst during very hot summer.

For the upcoming year, our action plan is to develop in-house products for corporate B2B Business & technology, increasing our team and curating ourselves to the level next. We are here on the ground zero chasing our goals and dreams to fulfill our roadmaps.

I have always believed passion to be the key to success. If you are passionate enough to follow your dreams – hard work, obedience, success, Failures, fame, ups, downs, etc. are just the parameters coming along in your path.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, and don’t let anyone limit your dreams – Donovan Bailey


An Amazing Good UX Case Study On – LinkedIn Messanger – Smart Replies


I remember the time when people have already written postcard which are generally used for communication in 90’s. Some companies are use those fixed format postcard to share or answered their some of the client or agencies. As the time passes and technologies grown up post cards are replaced by SMS and nowadays various messenger services has replaced those SMS also.

Few days back when I was discussing some very interesting stuff with my client on LinkedIn. I came across some wonderful and quite handy experience of LinkedIn messenger. Because when you are talking via messenger it always happen that you need frequent words like “Okay”, “Will do it”, “Good” & many more.

When I was talking with the client LinkedIn messenger auto suggested me “Smart Replies”. I felt WOW by seeing these contextual smart replies (suggestions) as it changes as per based on communication.

Achintya Labs-LinkedIn Messagner

These features can change the thinking of technologist to deliver the best and more worth product and features.


1. How to make your messenger user to feel so comfort?

2. Saves lot of time in such communication.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this from LinkedIn.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

Stay Tune With Us  : Achintya Labs

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On Cricbuzz – Custom Notification


In India cricket is a religion for the cricket fans. From the days of Analog Radio to today’s digital apps which shows results very fast with updated scores and other updates. Here I am trying to convey a combination of two good UX in which one is about notifications and another one is customisation of notification.

Whenever there is a match with our respective team, we are excited to see the score updates. Now in today’s world, we are at mobile places so won’t able to sit at the TV and see the whole matches but apps like cricbuzz, ESPN Cricinfo & many more are giving us updated score and information. Sometimes what happens is due to our work or some other engagement we will miss the score updates. I have also experienced the same many times. In another case, some apps will provide us with notifications about the match updates but due to many notifications, it bores the user to engage with the app.

Recently I have passed through one of the good examples of UX. Before a few days ago I was traversing the cricbuzz app and I found an icon of notification on the match card.  When I have clicked upon that I get something interesting as a popup. Cricbuzz app has asked me what do you need a notification about these matches or say series Yes or No. When I have said yes or say subscribed It has provided me various categories or say specifications like Do you need updates about All Events, Only Wicket and Milestones, Score updates on every <specified> Minute and about match news and related coverage.

I have found this feature wonderful because in today’s digital marketing world sometimes users get irritated with too many notifications and updates. So This feature will engage more user because now he or she will get only those updates which are required by them.


1. Best and optimal way of notification settings.

2. How depth studies they have done on user research? which helps apps to perform better.

3. These kinds of features will give a realistic feel to the user and inspire them to engage with your app.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On LinkedIn – Creates Profile Summary


I am here with one good user experience article on LinkedIn. Recently I was just updating my profile summary on LinkedIn.

I was curious to check how people write about themselves. So, I asked various professionals in my network that how they prepare the profile content for their various social media website and apps. Then some of the people think & replied “We write the same content as we have in other profile or mostly we copy from resume & some smart people says they prepare by getting inspiration from profile of other professionals.”.

It’s always a big challenge to write about you such as profile summary and short bio. Many people just take content from their other social profiles or get inspiration from other professionals on LinkedIn. Still, I find this as a tough job.

After getting all these answers I was also confused that what to write in my profile but here I am sharing a wonderful experience which I have come to know very accidentally & impressed me a lot. It’s definitely a great example of #goodux.

When I have visited my profile for filling information about me in LinkedIn Android Application. I saw a button named “Add Summary” it’s a normal but kind of instruction which was written over it was so interesting for me. The line is “Writing Summary can be hard. That is why we’ve created one to get you started”. These words itself giving me the very good amount of relief and confidence to write my profile summary. Because people like me find it hard to write from scratch but if someone will give you a summary to review then you can read and edit it very well which can suit your personality and summary.

Achintya Labs_LinkedIn profile summary 2

I have used and created a very good summary for my profile. I was highly impressed with this feature & I thought share this experience with Design Practice community. So, that our community can take such initiative that makes user’s life easy.


1. It’s great learning that we can we make user’s life easier by suggesting content for profile summary. Ultimately, we provide a great start and user can definitely edit the content. It can also empower and inspire users to write or edit content by presenting suggested content.

2. Using suggested profile content, LinkedIn helps users to reduce their cognitive load.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this from linked in.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

Stay Tune With Us  : Achintya Labs 

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM App – How To Use App (Guided Tour)


I am back again with one smaller but very handy experience of BHIM app. It’s always a good practice to share the knowledge or experience with our users in experience design.

There is wonderful guided tour experience which will help to new users to know how to use application seamlessly.

Let me share the app guide or tutorial to enquire account balance. You could see proper guide mentioned on overlay (i.e. black screen with some transparency) and also “Bank Account” section is highlighted. You could also see close icon highlighted incase if you want to close the guide or app tutorial. When you tap on bank account, you could see an account page and  you could see message “Click on ‘Request Balance” option and Request Balance button is highlighted. You could close guide by tapping close icon on top.

Achintya Labs-BHIM App - How to Use App (Guided Tour)


How to use app (App Guide or Tutorial) would be really helpful for BHIM app as it targets people from tier 2 and 3 cities of India where they are less tech-savvy and may have hesitation in using banking app.

I have also identified that BHIM also provides App guide or tutorial in all 8 local languages available on app.

BHIM experiences are so inspiring to all UX community and many of us find BHIM a very hassle-free banking application by using them in their daily transactions. There is a wonderful concept provided by the government of India. Hat’s off to UX Team of BHIM App.


1. App Guide or Tutorial helps novice users to onboard easily and it helps them to use app seamlessly.

2. It’s good to have App Tutorial (coach mark) with minimal content and focused on one function or a journey at a time. In case of BHIM – App guide, it was focused on Balance Enquiry and it has various screens to explain the journey.


1. There should be an option to show guideline again ,that helps the user to revive the app usage, if he go back after a time span of the app installed or even if they would have skipped app guide earlier.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

Stay Tune With Us  : Achintya Labs 

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM App in Local Language


Hey All, I am back again with one more wonderful article of my series on good ux with BHIM app. We all are looking to design or develop apps which are so user friendly or say more and more age group people can use it like from an educated to illiterate person.

Before few days I have decided to analyze the same design and UX cases in which I have seen the most of uneducated people are scared to use online banking technology.

I have made very small surveys from the surrounding of mine. During these surveys only I got my answer from a very inspiring tea maker. When I met him I have started asking them question about some app which he was using. Then I have tried to ask them how you manage your money in bank and how you transact the money to your village like you have same timings as the bank’s working hours.

He told me I am doing online transactions with an application. I have asked them a common question do you know English or how do you know how to use the application. He answered me is it necessary to learn English for using app? I said not necessary but sometime due to misunderstanding you may do some wrong actions and may be your money will transfer to some other accounts that is why I am asking.

He replied me but that will not happen in my case I said why he said I am using the application in my own language “Gujarati”. He said I am using BHIM app to make almost all the transaction and this app is supporting almost 08+ Major Indian languages. I was quite shocked at that time & thought that technology can be also dependent on language. Anyway from this whole scenario we can get that what a wonderful experience to use the BHIM app in our own language.


Achintya Labs-BHIM App in Local Language



1. It’s always beneficial to keep multi language option in app when target audience is from small towns and cities of India.

2. It’s a beneficial to study all the users or say targeted audience of ours.

3. Application’s usability should touch to each user group’s requirement.

4. BHIM app is a best example of using local language in proper format that people can easily understand.


Nothing as such.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM – Register Passcode


I am back again with the wonderful experience of BHIM App – Registering Passcode.

I have explored BHIM in more details to explore more experiences. During this journey, I have passed through one more experience of Register Passcode. The way app screen was designed is wonderful because as you can see the color scheme & structure of that page. It consists of minimum content Register Passcode. It also provides information “to log in to the app” and tells you why you need to Register Passcode.

It is very easy for each age group person to set up a passcode because the experience of that page is like you are using your ATM which is almost most easy experience for anyone to set it.

Achintya Labs - BHIM- Set Passcode


For cross check my feeling about this good UX I have made a small survey with few set of people from various age groups and got almost the same reviews from each of them.

This experience is now cloned by many apps which are related with such transactions. I really got inspired with this app interface and experience.


1. Very Clean & Simple Interface Design with minimal colors

2. It’s a best example of simple app which is quite rich with its usability.


Nothing as such.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

Stay Tune With Us  : Achintya Labs 

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An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM – Verify Mobile Number


As per primary thought of any government app or website interface and experience we thought like it’s too boring to use them. A per our past experience of government’s sites and app interface and experience we find too many usability issues in them & as well as some deadlock issue while using them where you have no other way to get out of them other than restart or reinitiate process.

But recently as per my experience I found a wonderful transition in one of the government app called “BHIM-Bharat Interface for Money Transfer”. Before few days ago I have reset my device to clean it up and then start installing all apps one by one. I have also done the same for the BHIM but when I was passed through its SIM verification I found very well smooth SIM verification experience where I get suggestion from device its self about my SIM verification to choose it and send verification request.

I was able to see my two SIMs and provided information why BHIM wants to verify my mobile number. Information was just clear and it conveys “We need to send an SMS to verify if your phone number is registered with your bank account”. This message also conveys that I need to choose a SIM or Phone Number associated with my bank account.

I started with choosing wrong SIM or Phone Number. I could immediately see UPI Registration Filed with “TRY AGAIN” button.

Achintya Labs-Bhim-Verify Mobile

Then I choose a right SIM and started the journey. When I tap on “NEXT” button, I saw a screen with a message “Please Wait” and counter in seconds. Once it got verified, I was able to see artwork with check mark in green. It was simple and intuitive.

Achintya Labs -BHIM- Verify Mobile Number -Process


1. Simple and intuitive way of mobile number verification.

2. Conversational App. It conveys clear message in a nice way.

3. It keeps user informed about the background process. In this case, it conveyed to wait for 30 seconds for verification with a loader icon and timer. After verification, it nicely conveyed “Mobile Verified”.

What can be improvised:

Nothing as such. Really happy with the current flow.


Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

Stay Tune With Us  : Achintya Labs  

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Experience of Things – A Rising Arena

Dependency over that what does keep evolving, technology. With that every new device been getting an invent, for that single application developed for the work to be done with no human effort and that too along a convenient outcome, machine dependent do we turn into.

Rapid growth out of machine development making things possible has its own side of negative, besides that the whole lot of positive aura too. Just that what human brain supposed to, is to not harm or stand against the law nature does have admired. So making the good out of that we develop, we make a future then. A future, this appropriate.

Seeing for yourself: As we all do live a life, more formal than precious, we often do fail or even running out of deadlines. Essential things to be taken care of for one’s well being are often ignored. Noting it down for the least of basic house holding too seems irritating at times. In a need of one to look out things, in a need of one to hold them all, try implementing that what we already do have sorted and assured. By using those equipments to achieve automatic control or operation. Condition the environment for being self controlled. Usually by involving electronic hard wares. That even helps you interact directly to the appliances or even machineries. Just a message passed can have your things regulated or maintained of a function or action.

For example, making of a refrigerator that smartly handles the food stored within and with the decreasing quantity, it informs the user connected to it via internet regarding the alert. Or even with hospitalization or nursing, to the person who requires medical care is been kept under an eye of appliances that directly does inform the staff if any noticeable remark with the condition of the belonging patient.

It’s Just A Sensation : Better the interaction, more does the user feel engaged and halted along. To engage is to attract or delight. So the content is supposed to have the power to arouse the interest out of the one who uses or views. It should be pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm, and working as efficient as expected. Even able to attract interest or draw favorable attention out of this rush of advertisements. A more out of attention-getting it is to be tried making. Just a sensation, that appeals. And gets the user engaged.

Decade Of Risk : Attempting a thing always do come up with an outcome. Ignoring that how probable the failure might be, risk is what we all do play with. Technology has been putting us all under a progressive conditioning of to try and fetch, else fail. And with a single implementation resulting into a failure, a new opinion is raised. Plenty of beliefs or sentiments are shared. Many vague ideas with a lot of confidence are been placed as per the basis of an approximate calculation worth the loss of failure. But till no effort been put with a blind eye, you do move nowhere. This truly is going to be the decade of risk. Ten years of both, progress and destruction if not ignored.