Rebuild the Web Identity for Bynry Technologies - Utilities Made Smarter

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Utility Based Company

Bynry Technologies : Utilities Made Smarter

Bynry technology is a pune based utility service startup. Bynry technology is dealing with service based industry and they are expert in automation of business process. Mr. Nilesh Gudhe has consult us for the rebranding of website design and website flow. We have brain stormed over the business flow and business requirements for number of times and then resulted into the perfect website design and then our development team has transformed those interface designs into the cms development. We have also served for redesigning the all stationaries of Bynry Technologies.

Tools & Technology

Brand Idenity Design, CMS Development, Digital Marketing


January 2018


Nilesh Gudhe (MD, Bynry Technologies)

Achintya labs is one of the most dedicated professionals, energetic and broad-minded Creative Design agency. They are always punctual, and have a vast and thorough knowledge. Thanks to interpersonal skills of owner, I could always depend on him to deliver the best Digital experience.

Nilesh Gudhe (MD, Bynry Technologies)