Achintya Labs – A 365 Days old Dream of a Man and a team



What exactly this term means?

I’ve asked my self this question all my life. I struggled finding exact meaning until a day when a dramatic 180 Degree change came to my life. That was the day, a day when an idea was born. The idea might have struggled over years to finally sprung into my mind but at last I got answer for what we call as a dream.

You call it Dream, I call it Achintya. 

Achintya – “Beyond Understanding, inconceivable”, this inspirational word was the 180 Degree change of my life and hence Achintya Labs was born.

Achintya Labs, a dream, a vision, a mission, a heart, a soul, a venture of a sole man was deep rooted 365 Days Ago. The little plant (Achintya Labs) started its journey with a single blossom on its steam but now is flourishing more and more blossoms with beautiful flowers and fruits each day.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.

I started my journey in establishing Achintya Labs solely with a vision in my eye and mission on my mind. Today my expedition is being joined and supported by a team of 07 great young Passionate minds.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins Championship – Michael Jordan

Day 1 to Day Many are never easy for any new born company and so was our story. We took small – small towards excellence, quality and trust. After all, “Small is the New Big”. Isn’t it?

Days by Days passed, and we made our places in hearts of our Clients by turning their dreams into reality. We have been a technology backbone and technology partner for:, , Shivam Corporation , Innovious Engineering ,, and many more.

We are serving in service and product sectors like Manufacturing, Real-estate, Retail & Wholeselling, E-Commerce Platform Development, Logistics and developing ideas into Products.

In a year we have completed more than 18+ Projects, adding glory to our journey.

Today, is the first Birthday of my Dream “Achintya Labs”, so being an Entrepreneur I must look back at the numbers of Revenue we made so far, Isn’t it? Of course we must look back at the numbers but I don’t believe in looking back at the profits and revenues we made, Today am grateful looking at the number of Hearts and people we won in a Year. Looking back to my client testimonials gives me satisfaction to the feel that we are getting closer to our goals day by day.

We love it when our clients call us: Supportive, terrific, Top Developers, Creativity Lovers, Tremendous Enthusiastic Team etc. These are not just titles, this is real wealth Achintya Labs have earned in a Year. So far we have helped many minds getting their ideas turned into reality and each time we deliver something to our clients each moment, each second, each day we are getting motivated toward excellence.

Achintya Labs stands for: Innovation, quality, trust, support, creativity by all its heart and soul and aims to step many great and big steps in future.

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