An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM App – How To Use App (Guided Tour)

Achintya Labs-BHIM App - How to Use App (Guided Tour)


I am back again with one smaller but very handy experience of BHIM app. It’s always a good practice to share the knowledge or experience with our users in experience design.

There is wonderful guided tour experience which will help to new users to know how to use application seamlessly.

Let me share the app guide or tutorial to enquire account balance. You could see proper guide mentioned on overlay (i.e. black screen with some transparency) and also “Bank Account” section is highlighted. You could also see close icon highlighted incase if you want to close the guide or app tutorial. When you tap on bank account, you could see an account page and  you could see message “Click on ‘Request Balance” option and Request Balance button is highlighted. You could close guide by tapping close icon on top.

Achintya Labs-BHIM App - How to Use App (Guided Tour)


How to use app (App Guide or Tutorial) would be really helpful for BHIM app as it targets people from tier 2 and 3 cities of India where they are less tech-savvy and may have hesitation in using banking app.

I have also identified that BHIM also provides App guide or tutorial in all 8 local languages available on app.

BHIM experiences are so inspiring to all UX community and many of us find BHIM a very hassle-free banking application by using them in their daily transactions. There is a wonderful concept provided by the government of India. Hat’s off to UX Team of BHIM App.


1. App Guide or Tutorial helps novice users to onboard easily and it helps them to use app seamlessly.

2. It’s good to have App Tutorial (coach mark) with minimal content and focused on one function or a journey at a time. In case of BHIM – App guide, it was focused on Balance Enquiry and it has various screens to explain the journey.


1. There should be an option to show guideline again ,that helps the user to revive the app usage, if he go back after a time span of the app installed or even if they would have skipped app guide earlier.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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