An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM App in Local Language

Achintya Labs-BHIM App in Local Language


Hey All, I am back again with one more wonderful article of my series on good ux with BHIM app. We all are looking to design or develop apps which are so user friendly or say more and more age group people can use it like from an educated to illiterate person.

Before few days I have decided to analyze the same design and UX cases in which I have seen the most of uneducated people are scared to use online banking technology.

I have made very small surveys from the surrounding of mine. During these surveys only I got my answer from a very inspiring tea maker. When I met him I have started asking them question about some app which he was using. Then I have tried to ask them how you manage your money in bank and how you transact the money to your village like you have same timings as the bank’s working hours.

He told me I am doing online transactions with an application. I have asked them a common question do you know English or how do you know how to use the application. He answered me is it necessary to learn English for using app? I said not necessary but sometime due to misunderstanding you may do some wrong actions and may be your money will transfer to some other accounts that is why I am asking.

He replied me but that will not happen in my case I said why he said I am using the application in my own language “Gujarati”. He said I am using BHIM app to make almost all the transaction and this app is supporting almost 08+ Major Indian languages. I was quite shocked at that time & thought that technology can be also dependent on language. Anyway from this whole scenario we can get that what a wonderful experience to use the BHIM app in our own language.


Achintya Labs-BHIM App in Local Language



1. It’s always beneficial to keep multi language option in app when target audience is from small towns and cities of India.

2. It’s a beneficial to study all the users or say targeted audience of ours.

3. Application’s usability should touch to each user group’s requirement.

4. BHIM app is a best example of using local language in proper format that people can easily understand.


Nothing as such.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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