An Amazing Good UX Case Study On BHIM – Register Passcode

Achintya Labs - BHIM- Set Passcode


I am back again with the wonderful experience of BHIM App – Registering Passcode.

I have explored BHIM in more details to explore more experiences. During this journey, I have passed through one more experience of Register Passcode. The way app screen was designed is wonderful because as you can see the color scheme & structure of that page. It consists of minimum content Register Passcode. It also provides information “to log in to the app” and tells you why you need to Register Passcode.

It is very easy for each age group person to set up a passcode because the experience of that page is like you are using your ATM which is almost most easy experience for anyone to set it.

Achintya Labs - BHIM- Set Passcode


For cross check my feeling about this good UX I have made a small survey with few set of people from various age groups and got almost the same reviews from each of them.

This experience is now cloned by many apps which are related with such transactions. I really got inspired with this app interface and experience.


1. Very Clean & Simple Interface Design with minimal colors

2. It’s a best example of simple app which is quite rich with its usability.


Nothing as such.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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