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In India cricket is a religion for the cricket fans. From the days of Analog Radio to today’s digital apps which shows results very fast with updated scores and other updates. Here I am trying to convey a combination of two good UX in which one is about notifications and another one is customisation of notification.

Whenever there is a match with our respective team, we are excited to see the score updates. Now in today’s world, we are at mobile places so won’t able to sit at the TV and see the whole matches but apps like cricbuzz, ESPN Cricinfo & many more are giving us updated score and information. Sometimes what happens is due to our work or some other engagement we will miss the score updates. I have also experienced the same many times. In another case, some apps will provide us with notifications about the match updates but due to many notifications, it bores the user to engage with the app.

Recently I have passed through one of the good examples of UX. Before a few days ago I was traversing the cricbuzz app and I found an icon of notification on the match card.  When I have clicked upon that I get something interesting as a popup. Cricbuzz app has asked me what do you need a notification about these matches or say series Yes or No. When I have said yes or say subscribed It has provided me various categories or say specifications like Do you need updates about All Events, Only Wicket and Milestones, Score updates on every <specified> Minute and about match news and related coverage.

I have found this feature wonderful because in today’s digital marketing world sometimes users get irritated with too many notifications and updates. So This feature will engage more user because now he or she will get only those updates which are required by them.


1. Best and optimal way of notification settings.

2. How depth studies they have done on user research? which helps apps to perform better.

3. These kinds of features will give a realistic feel to the user and inspire them to engage with your app.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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