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I am here with one good user experience article on LinkedIn. Recently I was just updating my profile summary on LinkedIn.

I was curious to check how people write about themselves. So, I asked various professionals in my network that how they prepare the profile content for their various social media website and apps. Then some of the people think & replied “We write the same content as we have in other profile or mostly we copy from resume & some smart people says they prepare by getting inspiration from profile of other professionals.”.

It’s always a big challenge to write about you such as profile summary and short bio. Many people just take content from their other social profiles or get inspiration from other professionals on LinkedIn. Still, I find this as a tough job.

After getting all these answers I was also confused that what to write in my profile but here I am sharing a wonderful experience which I have come to know very accidentally & impressed me a lot. It’s definitely a great example of #goodux.

When I have visited my profile for filling information about me in LinkedIn Android Application. I saw a button named “Add Summary” it’s a normal but kind of instruction which was written over it was so interesting for me. The line is “Writing Summary can be hard. That is why we’ve created one to get you started”. These words itself giving me the very good amount of relief and confidence to write my profile summary. Because people like me find it hard to write from scratch but if someone will give you a summary to review then you can read and edit it very well which can suit your personality and summary.

Achintya Labs_LinkedIn profile summary 2

I have used and created a very good summary for my profile. I was highly impressed with this feature & I thought share this experience with Design Practice community. So, that our community can take such initiative that makes user’s life easy.


1. It’s great learning that we can we make user’s life easier by suggesting content for profile summary. Ultimately, we provide a great start and user can definitely edit the content. It can also empower and inspire users to write or edit content by presenting suggested content.

2. Using suggested profile content, LinkedIn helps users to reduce their cognitive load.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this from linked in.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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