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I remember the time when people have already written postcard which are generally used for communication in 90’s. Some companies are use those fixed format postcard to share or answered their some of the client or agencies. As the time passes and technologies grown up post cards are replaced by SMS and nowadays various messenger services has replaced those SMS also.

Few days back when I was discussing some very interesting stuff with my client on LinkedIn. I came across some wonderful and quite handy experience of LinkedIn messenger. Because when you are talking via messenger it always happen that you need frequent words like “Okay”, “Will do it”, “Good” & many more.

When I was talking with the client LinkedIn messenger auto suggested me “Smart Replies”. I felt WOW by seeing these contextual smart replies (suggestions) as it changes as per based on communication.

Achintya Labs-LinkedIn Messagner

These features can change the thinking of technologist to deliver the best and more worth product and features.


1. How to make your messenger user to feel so comfort?

2. Saves lot of time in such communication.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factor like this from LinkedIn.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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