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Achintya Labs-Bhim-Verify Mobile


As per primary thought of any government app or website interface and experience we thought like it’s too boring to use them. A per our past experience of government’s sites and app interface and experience we find too many usability issues in them & as well as some deadlock issue while using them where you have no other way to get out of them other than restart or reinitiate process.

But recently as per my experience I found a wonderful transition in one of the government app called “BHIM-Bharat Interface for Money Transfer”. Before few days ago I have reset my device to clean it up and then start installing all apps one by one. I have also done the same for the BHIM but when I was passed through its SIM verification I found very well smooth SIM verification experience where I get suggestion from device its self about my SIM verification to choose it and send verification request.

I was able to see my two SIMs and provided information why BHIM wants to verify my mobile number. Information was just clear and it conveys “We need to send an SMS to verify if your phone number is registered with your bank account”. This message also conveys that I need to choose a SIM or Phone Number associated with my bank account.

I started with choosing wrong SIM or Phone Number. I could immediately see UPI Registration Filed with “TRY AGAIN” button.

Achintya Labs-Bhim-Verify Mobile

Then I choose a right SIM and started the journey. When I tap on “NEXT” button, I saw a screen with a message “Please Wait” and counter in seconds. Once it got verified, I was able to see artwork with check mark in green. It was simple and intuitive.

Achintya Labs -BHIM- Verify Mobile Number -Process


1. Simple and intuitive way of mobile number verification.

2. Conversational App. It conveys clear message in a nice way.

3. It keeps user informed about the background process. In this case, it conveyed to wait for 30 seconds for verification with a loader icon and timer. After verification, it nicely conveyed “Mobile Verified”.

What can be improvised:

Nothing as such. Really happy with the current flow.


Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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