Experience of Things – A Rising Arena

Dependency over that what does keep evolving, technology. With that every new device been getting an invent, for that single application developed for the work to be done with no human effort and that too along a convenient outcome, machine dependent do we turn into.

Rapid growth out of machine development making things possible has its own side of negative, besides that the whole lot of positive aura too. Just that what human brain supposed to, is to not harm or stand against the law nature does have admired. So making the good out of that we develop, we make a future then. A future, this appropriate.

Seeing for yourself: As we all do live a life, more formal than precious, we often do fail or even running out of deadlines. Essential things to be taken care of for one’s well being are often ignored. Noting it down for the least of basic house holding too seems irritating at times. In a need of one to look out things, in a need of one to hold them all, try implementing that what we already do have sorted and assured. By using those equipments to achieve automatic control or operation. Condition the environment for being self controlled. Usually by involving electronic hard wares. That even helps you interact directly to the appliances or even machineries. Just a message passed can have your things regulated or maintained of a function or action.

For example, making of a refrigerator that smartly handles the food stored within and with the decreasing quantity, it informs the user connected to it via internet regarding the alert. Or even with hospitalization or nursing, to the person who requires medical care is been kept under an eye of appliances that directly does inform the staff if any noticeable remark with the condition of the belonging patient.

It’s Just A Sensation : Better the interaction, more does the user feel engaged and halted along. To engage is to attract or delight. So the content is supposed to have the power to arouse the interest out of the one who uses or views. It should be pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm, and working as efficient as expected. Even able to attract interest or draw favorable attention out of this rush of advertisements. A more out of attention-getting it is to be tried making. Just a sensation, that appeals. And gets the user engaged.

Decade Of Risk : Attempting a thing always do come up with an outcome. Ignoring that how probable the failure might be, risk is what we all do play with. Technology has been putting us all under a progressive conditioning of to try and fetch, else fail. And with a single implementation resulting into a failure, a new opinion is raised. Plenty of beliefs or sentiments are shared. Many vague ideas with a lot of confidence are been placed as per the basis of an approximate calculation worth the loss of failure. But till no effort been put with a blind eye, you do move nowhere. This truly is going to be the decade of risk. Ten years of both, progress and destruction if not ignored.

Top Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2k17

Our design team has done one survey with the community of designer and get opinions from everyone and based on those data derived some equations for the design trends for 2k17.

  • Louder & Brighter Color: There will be a shift away from muted and neural colors like white, gray and black to bolder and brighter colors.
  • Bold Typography: Strong typography and daring mixed font combinations will fight against the ever dwindling attention span of readers and situation of contents.
  • Universal Fonts Server: Google fonts are universal across multiple platforms & majority of them are free to use with great response speed.
  • Authentic Photos: The explosion of content has created a need for authentic, original images that represent your brand, instead of generic graphics stock.
  • Hand drawn Graphics & icons: Brand will be embrace illustrations as they look to add the elements of fun back into design and make their product more accessible.
  • Minimalism get back to its roots: the true spirit of minimalism has been lost and instead replaced with boring black and white color scheme and little adornment. But in 2017 color and flare is back!
  • Useful GIFs: Gifs are the perfect little content helper that express emotions when text won’t do the trick.
  • Vibrant Duo tons: This bold use of contrasting colors in duo tons will make images pop on the neutrals backgrounds of social media sites and blogs.