Google Fit is a Health & Daily Activity Tracking based App. It helps you to maintain all the data and analytics about your daily activities like Activeness, HeartPoints, Walking, Running, Biking and Other Stuff.

Google Fit App has improved experience a lot over a period of time. I have been using it since last 6 Years but recently they have updated the User Interface and User Experience. So, I wanted share this amazing app’s on-boarding journey with you all.

Google Fit

The onboarding journey starts with the simple screen which is showing a tag line “Coaching You to a Healthier & More Active Life” & Asking for linked up an account with the Google account in which you want to track all your data and analytics.
After Completing Account Linked up & It has asked me for details like Gender, Date of Birth, Height & Weight to start keep tracking the weight of body and based on these details the app will provide me some suggested pre-designed advices for the exercises.
After providing such information, It has shown me a very good detailed information about the way they utilised the information which is tracked by the device. In next step, it provides information about the collaborations and authentication of your health feedbacks.

Google Fit – Onboarding Journey

Now it’s time to set Goals & Some Daily Activity target. The App will ask us for the Move Minutes & Heart Points but you can take a look at the User Interface and User Experience these two screens have. You can feel the vibes of the activity when you are interfacing or communicating with these screens. Once, you will complete these details and then Google Fit will show you screens for showing you Daily Analytics.

After Completed this Information, We are on dashboard where you can see the DailyTracking and Goal Analysis that whether User has achieved a goal or not! It’s very good app of one of its kinds. In Recent Update, Google Fit has been updated with the amazing User Interface.

Overall, It was simple and seamless onboarding journey.


1. The New Design Trend with Brand Color and Dominating White. I really impressed with the updated design concept by Google.

2. The animation used its very shuttle and Eye Catching to all.

3. The way form filling has been provided, it’s very easy and hassle free for users to fill it.


As of now, I cannot see but in future, I can expect many other wow factors.

Article By : Mr.Sagar Gauswami

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Image Courtsey by : Designpractice.io