Top Design Trends That Will Take Over in 2k17

Design Trends

Our design team has done one survey with the community of designer and get opinions from everyone and based on those data derived some equations for the design trends for 2k17.

  • Louder & Brighter Color: There will be a shift away from muted and neural colors like white, gray and black to bolder and brighter colors.
  • Bold Typography: Strong typography and daring mixed font combinations will fight against the ever dwindling attention span of readers and situation of contents.
  • Universal Fonts Server: Google fonts are universal across multiple platforms & majority of them are free to use with great response speed.
  • Authentic Photos: The explosion of content has created a need for authentic, original images that represent your brand, instead of generic graphics stock.
  • Hand drawn Graphics & icons: Brand will be embrace illustrations as they look to add the elements of fun back into design and make their product more accessible.
  • Minimalism get back to its roots: the true spirit of minimalism has been lost and instead replaced with boring black and white color scheme and little adornment. But in 2017 color and flare is back!
  • Useful GIFs: Gifs are the perfect little content helper that express emotions when text won’t do the trick.
  • Vibrant Duo tons: This bold use of contrasting colors in duo tons will make images pop on the neutrals backgrounds of social media sites and blogs.
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